Writing a Believable Horse

This post originally appeared on my other blog March, 30, 2015. I have updated and added some information. It’s probably J.R.R. Tolkien’s fault. Shadowfax and the exceptional horses of Rohan have made super-smart horses an important part of high fantasy. Even without an attempt on personification, horses also tend to be important features of any story… Continue reading Writing a Believable Horse

Ginger Chip Ice Cream

‘Tis the season for gingerbread and pies, but why not make a ginger ice cream to go with that pie?  Ginger Ice Cream and Pumpkin Pie were long lost lovers, you know. You should reunite them. I read a lot of ice cream recipes–including several ginger recipes before concocting one that cooked the eggs but… Continue reading Ginger Chip Ice Cream


I originally thought that Midas bucking after fences was what caused his owner to fall off in the hunt field a few years ago. Now, after watching things unfold after I took a tumble at the jumper show, I think that the first fall was just because stuff happens. And I think that it freaked… Continue reading Jumping