The Dragon and the Raven

Last spring I decided I wanted to get a lizard. First there was research (best lizard: The Bearded Dragon). Then there was building (nothing pre-made fits in the space I have for a tank). Then there was custom ordering glass (for sliding glass doors…which I still haven’t installed). Then one of the breeders I follow posted… Continue reading The Dragon and the Raven

Gingerbread Star Wars

Full disclosure: This project was actually completed in 2013. But it’s still pretty epic.  There is that one picture of an AT-AT made by a baker in CA that has dominated the gingerbread geekdom and it really made me want to try making a geeky work of gingerbread myself. I’m really not sure if it… Continue reading Gingerbread Star Wars

Writing a Believable Horse

This post originally appeared on my other blog March, 30, 2015. I have updated and added some information. It’s probably J.R.R. Tolkien’s fault. Shadowfax and the exceptional horses of Rohan have made super-smart horses an important part of high fantasy. Even without an attempt on personification, horses also tend to be important features of any story… Continue reading Writing a Believable Horse

The Dark Knight Rises

Note: This post originally appeared 8/16/2012 on my other blog.  This brings us to The Dark Knight Rises. Spoiler Alert. Just in case you still haven’t seen the movie. Though, it’s been out so long that all plot points are fair game. A perceptive youtuber made this Batman trilogy supertrailer with a voiceover from the… Continue reading The Dark Knight Rises