Science and the horse

Scientists are studying equine social behavior, now. No horse person is surprised, but they keep finding out that horses are insanely smart, learn body language, words, and problem solving skills. Some horses definitely have more problem solving skills than others. I can’t wait  for them to do a study comparing horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.… Continue reading Science and the horse

How dabbling in movie making changed how I watch movies.

This post originally appeared on 8/22/2015 on my other blog. I worked on an independent film once. I even got paid. Before that I’d volunteered on some productions and also been very involved in my college’s film club. I still miss the acting and writing–even the costume design–and think about ways to get back into… Continue reading How dabbling in movie making changed how I watch movies.

Suicide Squad and company

Well, Zorro and I watched Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman over the weekend. I have a lot of thoughts skittering about, so for my own sake I’m writing them down. I grew up watching Teen Titans and the Batman/Superman Adventures, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited. I haven’t read a single DC comic book.… Continue reading Suicide Squad and company