Bridleless update

What do you do on a near 80 degree day in February when you only have an hour and your fur beast still has his full winter coat? You do liberty work with the mounting block, and then you randomly decide to climb on him, without bothering to put on reins or bareback pad or… Continue reading Bridleless update


I originally thought that Midas bucking after fences was what caused his owner to fall off in the hunt field a few years ago. Now, after watching things unfold after I took a tumble at the jumper show, I think that the first fall was just because stuff happens. And I think that it freaked… Continue reading Jumping

Science and the horse

Scientists are studying equine social behavior, now. No horse person is surprised, but they keep finding out that horses are insanely smart, learn body language, words, and problem solving skills. Some horses definitely have more problem solving skills than others. I can’t wait ¬†for them to do a study comparing horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.… Continue reading Science and the horse